Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Hy-Vee 12 Hour Sale

Have you heard about the 12 hour sale this Sunday at Hy-Vee? It starts at 8AM and there are a number of good deals to be had. Some highlights include:

1/2 gal. milk $0.88
Tostitos tortilla chips $1.88
Cottonelle TP (12 double rolls) $4.88 (look for the $1/1 coupon that was in the Parade magazine this last Sunday or print online for an even better deal!-- $3.88 each)
Tony's Pizza $0.88
Boneless skinless chicken breasts (2.5 lb bag) $3.88 (limit 2)
Skippy Peanut Butter $0.98 (limit 2)

Did you know that Hy-Vee also does a weekly coupon match-up on their site? They don't seem to have any of these special sale items matched up this week, but it can still be helpful:) Also, if you're looking for a specific coupon for something, try this Coupon Database from A Full Cup. You can type in what you're looking for and it will display (most) all the coupons out there for that product...and will have links to printable coupons.


  1. Don't forget the $1.98 M&M's!!! Plus there was a $1 off on 2 bags coupon in the Sunday paper recently. I've already used mine when CVS had them for less with a $2 Bonus Bucks. Came down to $1/bag.

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