Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Cheapie-- Resurrected!

It's been a long time Cheapie friends!

When I first started these posts, I had no idea there were so many frugal-ish sites out there. Since then I've taken a sort of coupon course and learned how many great resources there are out there. It's easy to waste the good portion of a day searching out all the deals! (not that I've ever done that, of course...). It is often enough to induce information overload.

With a little encouragement from other Cheapies, therefore, we're gonna give this another try. I won't be posting all the deals out there, just the best deals I see (national & local) that are actually worth the time and effort. Additionally, a good friend, Tom, will also be posting deals he finds (in fact, he's pulled this blog out of hibernation already! See below) and so will my DH Ryan... won't it be nice to have a few more points of view and interests?

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