Monday, January 18, 2010

Papa John's Large Single-Topping Pizza - $6.97

With the limited time in my schedule tonight I decided to order a pizza. Since I have a gift card I received during the holidays, I called Papa John's. The question I always like to ask is, "Do you have any specials?" It's an important question because you will discover many deals simply by asking this short question.

Tonight I discovered that Papa John's has a Monday and Tuesday special for Carry-Out only. This wasn't a problem for me since being the cheap guy that I am I always pick it up anyway.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, carry-out a large, one-topping pizza at Papa John's for $6.97.

It's not the best deal I've seen, but since it doesn't require a coupon and recurs every week, it's a good deal to remember, especially if you're a big Papa John's pizza fan.

As for me, my favorite place to get pizza isn't Papa John's. However, they do have the best option to dip your pizza in... their Special Garlic Dipping Sauce. Next time you try Papa John's, shake up the container of garlic-buttery goodness and give it a try.

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