Friday, August 26, 2011

HP Touchpad $99

Well i'm sorry we couldn't have helped more people get the HP Touchpad.  It was a fast and furious deal that came and went quicker than you can skip-to-my-lou.  I went late on Friday night to BestBuy and purchased one at full price hoping they would price match if the price did really go down to $99.  Sadly that saturday BestBuy said they wouldn't be discounting and would be sending them back to HP.  I wasn't overly upset, knowing I could return and be out nothing, but decided to wait out my 14 day return policy in case things changes.  Well much to my surprise later that same day BestBuy changed their policy again and refunded my money back to the $99 price!  There are still potential deals to be had with BestBuy stores receiving stock at random times.  Be sure to keep up with and their forums for the latest breaking news on the TouchPad.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deals gone missing?

Yep, pretty much so, sorry all you adoring fans out there.  I think my wife is not that interested in blogging about deals, just reading about other deals.  In light of that i'd like to post links to other sites that will be of more help to you.  Enjoy being a cheapie!