Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coat for cheapie

Here's a good deal I almost passed up-- but now I'm glad my mom talked me into it!  It's a black wool coat from Ann Taylor Loft.  There were only two left; both were petite (which is probably why they were still there).  There are a few times when it pays to be short!  I've worn it a few times now, when the temps weren't too freezing... I think it will be a good transitional coat into spring.  I'm not too crazy about the brass buttons, but I might try to tone those down. Not too bad, though, for a coat that cost, with tax, $11.88!

Black wool coat, Ann Taylor Loft, $11.88
(Originally $149.00)

Friday, January 23, 2009

A deal to make your tummy happy

So, here's a deal I've been enjoying for a few weeks now. It's only on Mondays only, though, so you'll have to remember this for next week:) On Mondays at McDonald's from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM, you can get a free (full-sized!) McCafe drink. Depending on which location you visit, there may be a 'flavor of the day' or you may get to choose your flavor. There are cappuccinos & lattes (vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, carmel, or hazelnut) and mochas. I've just about had all the flavor combinations by now and, I have to say, they are all surprisingly delish! I don't know how long this promotion will go on, but I hope it never ends:) It hits the spot on a cold winter morning!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


P.S.  Now I need some free or cheapie checks (see previous post)... anyone have a good idea?  I know Wal-Mart has cheaper checks.  I also saw that Vista Print offers 25 free checks, but that's not very many.  Let me know what you have found!

Free Day

Yesterday I realized that I had an especially free-filled day.  It started with a trip to Cornhusker Bank where I opened a new checking account (free, of course).  I love going to Cornhusker Bank because they have a cappuccino/hot chocolate machine with a rotation of different flavors (yesterday was French Vanilla).  Mmmm.  I actually save my deposits and go banking on days when I know I'll be out and about and would enjoy a warm frothy drink in hand:)  By they way, they have a decent interest rate for checking accounts which is why I switched banks-- who doesn't like free money?  Anyway, yesterday I got the cappuccino, as per usual, but since it was also their locations' one-year anniversary, they had cookies and cake as well.  Yum!  Ryan and I took some cookies before the personal banker said we needed some cake for the road and brought us a big corner piece.  We didn't refuse:)

Later in the evening I went to Ashley Lynn's Tanning because they have free tanning from now until January 26th.  I heard about this on a radio commerical.  Now, I'm not a huge promoter of tanning-- I think it's ridiculous when you see orange girls in the dead of winter or the older women with the dark, leather-like skin.  But the prospect of being a little tanner is hard to turn down, especially when the price is free. 

After this Ryan and I went to Blockbuster.  We had two coupons each good for a free previously viewed DVD, up to $14.99 value!  Ryan got this coupon through e-Rewards.  When you sign up for e-Rewards, you bascically currency for participating in market research surveys that are selected to match your demographics and interests.  You can then redeem your earnings for "rewards" from their participating partners.  I earned a year's subscription to Lucky magazine once, as well as a subscription to Women's Day, which I gave to my mom.  Ryan's earned a subscription to Entreprenuer magazine, in addition to the Blockbuster DVDs.  We each picked out a movie; both are movies we haven't seen.  Ryan got "TransSiberian" and I got "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day".  If they both sink, we won't feel too bad;)

Ah, I love a Free Day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cosmetics=Expensive....but not today!

Here's a great deal you can cash in on, brought to you by my friend Matt! (I'm guessing he won't be participating.) If you've purchased any cosmetics from Younkers or Dillards between May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003, you can choose a free cosmetic item (from their list) starting today, while supplies last. Apparently these free beauty products are to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused certain manufacturers and department stores of fixing retail prices. The list of available products isn't too amazing, but you can get some Lancome mascara or Clinique Moisture Surge, which is decent.
Who doesn't love a little pampering, especially at this price? ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Diesel Tennies

I grabbed these tennies yesterday for an incredible $5!

They are Diesel, "Maudy Jane", and currently sell for around $50. (Mine came from Plato's Closet.)

I played the game where I made Ryan guess how much they cost. He guessed $29. 

So, I'm pretty excited.  

Friday, January 9, 2009

Something for nothing

Last year I signed up for a Gap Visa credit card to save 20% or something like that on a coat I was buying. I hadn't used the card since until I got a letter in early December explaining that if I would use the card for four transactions in 2008, I would receive a $20 gift card for use at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy or Piperlime. And since it's a Visa card, I could make these transactions anywhere that accepts Visa which, basically, is everywhere. Easy enough!  Actually, I had a hard time remembering to use it.  I ended up going to Target on the 31st and breaking up my purchase into two transactions so I could meet the deadline:)  I was quite excited to receive this in the mail the other day.  It's good through April. Now the hard part: deciding what to get...

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Ultimate Score: HGTV Dream Home

A long shot, I realize, but someone's got to win it! It would be my crowning achievement in Great Deals.

You can enter once daily at

I have to say, last year I was so disappointed in the winner's reaction. A little mad even. When the camera crew knocked on her door, ambush-style, the winner was like, "Oh, I won? Okay. Thanks." No screaming. No jumping. No nothin. Cm'on!

Maybe I'll get the chance to showcase my better refined reaction abilities this year...

Who doesn't love a fresh, new Sharpie?

Ahh, a nice new Sharpie makes my heart happy. I don't know how those Sharpie makers do it, but there is no generic writing utensil on the market that can do what the Sharpie does. And a great deal only makes it better. This great find is brought to you courtesy of my husband. He found this colored 12-pack of mini, fine-point Sharpies with key ring attachers in the Clearance section of OfficeDepot. Now, normally I'd say don't even bother with their clearance section; it's not usually anything to write home about. But this just proves you should always just check:) Not only were they ultra-marked down, but all clearance had an additional 20% off. Of course, when he gave them to me, he left the price tag on-- he knows how to make me happy.

12-pack of Colored Mini Sharpies- $3.19
(normally $14.99!)