Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Score of the Day: Uggs

Okay, so I hated Uggs. They looked ridiculous, were not flattering, and were extremely overpriced. This hatred extended to any imitation-type Uggs as well-- those were even worse. Cheap-looking isn't a desirable characteristic, even for a Cheapie like me. I even own this Paul Frank t-shirt to proclaim my Ugg-hatred to the world:

(Well, actually I got this at the Good W, so it's a little small and I don't wear it out of the house, but, anyway, you get the point). Now don't get me wrong, I still don't own a pair of the fluffy, suede-ish, tan, lower leg encasements, but I admit I'm warming to the idea. At least some of the variations of the orginally Uggly idea aren't too bad. And, even though I was embarrassed to admit it at first, I even bought my husband a pair of Uggs for Christmas. You know I got a good deal:

$39 at Marshalls