Friday, January 2, 2009

Who doesn't love a fresh, new Sharpie?

Ahh, a nice new Sharpie makes my heart happy. I don't know how those Sharpie makers do it, but there is no generic writing utensil on the market that can do what the Sharpie does. And a great deal only makes it better. This great find is brought to you courtesy of my husband. He found this colored 12-pack of mini, fine-point Sharpies with key ring attachers in the Clearance section of OfficeDepot. Now, normally I'd say don't even bother with their clearance section; it's not usually anything to write home about. But this just proves you should always just check:) Not only were they ultra-marked down, but all clearance had an additional 20% off. Of course, when he gave them to me, he left the price tag on-- he knows how to make me happy.

12-pack of Colored Mini Sharpies- $3.19
(normally $14.99!)

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