Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Samples

So I just got a package delivered by FedEx. I wasn't expecting anything, so I wasn't sure what it was. I opened the package to find all these great items! There's an 8 oz "multi-care whitening rinse", a 4 oz whitening toothpaste and a pair of "3D White Professional Effects Whitestripes". Wow! The letter says that I've been chosen to be one of the first to try Crest's new 3D White Collection. It's signed "Daily Candy" which, quite honestly, doesn't really sound familiar, but I'm sure I must have signed up somewhere along the line. I think I may have signed up to get some Crest coupons and filled out a survey then? At any rate, if you ever see a sampling panel from Daily Candy or a survey from Crest, give it a try-- I can't wait to try this stuff out!

I love these kind of surprises.

1 comment:

  1. whoa! sweet, can't wait to try this stuff out. hopefully we'll get on some more product sampling lists and be able to try out products for our readers.