Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$4 Premium Car Wash With Any In-Store Purchase

At this time of year everyone's car gets messy. When you consider the amount of salt that's put down to help melt the snow and ice you get concerned about the damage this can cause to your car. I decided it was time to get that grime off of my vehicle so, having heard good things about the C Station gas station and car wash near 14th and Pine Lake Road, I headed there.

As any frugal person should do I filled my tank with gas before purchasing the car wash so that I would get a discount. I went inside to pay and discovered a car wash deal. Nice timing huh?

I found out that you can get a very nicely upgraded premium car wash for $4 with any in-store purchase (pack of gum anybody?). The normal price for this wash is $8. With gas that gets discounted to $7. You save almost 50% on this deal.

I purchased some cookies and a $4 wash. After entering my magic code I was presented with the choice between touchless or Foam-Brite. The nice employee inside had given me the heads up on this choice so I knew that I wanted the Foam-Brite option because it uses those rotating brushes and I needed a good scrub. The wash isn't the fastest you'll find, but in my opinion that's a good thing. I wanted those brushes to work their magic at their own speed. A nice touch at the end of the wash was the drying mechanism. Instead of exiting slowly and trying to maximize the drying time while being sure to get clear before the car behind starts the process over and soaks your car, this car wash has you stay in park and the drying mechanism passes from front to back and then slowly returns to the front, ensuring a dry car without giving you a foot cramp.

Overall I was pleased with my decision to go with the premium wash and to top it off I even got to snack on some cookies. It sure beat getting the hose out in the freezing rain.

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