Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Band-Aids x 25

Well, maybe this is silly, but I really stocked up on the bandages last night. Band-Aids in the travel section at Target are $0.97 each and I had around 25 coupons good for $1 off any one Band-Aid product. Hence the Band-Aid overload. They have two different varieties: an 8 pack of regular flexible fabric type bandages and a 10 pack with a cute Hello Kitty design. I got some of both. I would use the Hello Kitty ones, but I'm thinking Ryan would not...
I actually bought most of these coupons on ebay for $0.88. Also, you do still have to pay tax on them even though you're getting them for free, which kinda kills the thrill. Here's the math:
(11) 10 ct pkgs & (14) 8 ct pkgs @ $0.97 each = $24.25
-(25) $1/1 coupons = $-0.75 overage!
+ $0.88 for coupons = $0.13
+ 7% tax ($1.70) =$1.83 for 222 Band-Aids

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