Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marcus Theatres Spotlight Movie Club

Well if you're like us, you enjoy a cheap movie. The sad part is my car often parks in the asphalt wonderland that used to be the cheap theatre! With no cheap theatre in Lincoln anymore your best bet is to sign up for the Marcus Theatres Spotlight Movie Club. Each week they send you an email with a list of 4 movies they are offering a coupon for. The coupon is only good for viewings on Wednesday and Thursday, so you won't get a cheap weekend date out of this one, but hey, if you want to save money you gotta head for the deals.

What you get:
- Coupon for $5 admission to selected movies for that week
- Admission for up to 4 people per coupon at the discount rate.
- A heads up on which movies are struggling ;-)
- Not too much spam email...

So head over to the Marcus Theatres website: http://www.marcustheatres.com and look under "promotions" and I'll probably see you next week at the theatre!

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