Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Receive up to $50 in 3 months from Hy-Vee

Have you used one of these prescription coupons at Hy-Vee yet?!

If you haven't filled a prescription at Hy-Vee before, or if you can transfer a prescription to Hy-Vee, you may cash in big!

There are a series of three coupons out for Hy-Vee pharmacies right now. Here's how they work:
Coupon 1: A new customer fills a new prescription or transfers a prescription from any other pharmacy, receive a $15 Hy-Vee gift card.

Coupon 2: Refill your prescription the first time and receive a $10 gift card

Coupon 3: Refill your prescription for the second time and receive a $25 gift card!

I had the chance to try this out recently and it was easy to do. I only had one refill on the prescription, so I only got $25 worth of gift cards, but I think that's great considering I had to get the prescription either way!

I love that there always seems to be a place that is offering these prescription deals. I've gotten $50 at CVS before, $10 at Target, and now this deal:)

One thing you may want to keep in mind... prescription costs vary from store to store, so I usually call around to find out how much the prescription will be before I take it in. It's not a good deal to get a gift card somewhere if the prescription itself is gonna cost too much!

Do you need a set of these coupons? Let me know in the feedback and I'll send you a set!
(the coupons expire 2/28, 3/31 & 4/30, respectively)


  1. I have a prescription I can transfer. Does this have to be done at the 50th & O St. location only?

  2. Should be good at all stores. I did this a year ago at the 40th and OC location.

  3. The coupons I have pictured are only good at the 50th & O location, but I'll give you a set that can be used at any Lincoln Hy-Vee;)

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  5. I still have coupons for a $10 gift card when you refill your prescription the 1st time and a $25 GC when you refill a second time available if anyone else wants them! These two are only good at the 50th & O St location.