Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prescription savings

Oh dear, I'm afraid this blog has started to go the way of many a-blog... and by that I mean neglected.  I am finding good deals out there, but somehow only very awesome deals seem worthy of the time it takes to write about them, ha.  I guess that just means I'll need to find more extra-wonderful bargains to share with everyone.  Like this one:

Last Friday I had two prescriptions to fill and did a little calling around to see which pharmacy would have the best price (we have a high-deductible insurance, so it basically doesn't cover much of anything:(  Anyway, the one of the prescriptions was cheap ($10), but the other was $40 at Target and $43 at Walmart-- eww.  So, I tried to find a coupon online to help out.  I found this one from Rite Aid, which gets you a $25 gift card if you transfer a prescription-- and you can use it for up to two prescriptions!  Unfortunately, however, there are no Rite Aids in Nebraska.  I printed the coupon out anyway and went to CVS (I'd never filled a prescription there before) and asked them if they could/would take competitors coupons-- and they said yes!  Also, the more expensive prescription was only $14 here!  So I was pretty excited to get $50 worth of gift cards in exchange for something I had to buy anyway.  I bought a couple deodorants for Ryan a few days later and it was great to get those for free-- plus one of the deodorants had $2 in "ExtraBucks" money so I only had to use around $1 worth of my GC for the second deodrant anyway;)  *Note:  I generally don't like the ExtraBucks thing at CVS.  Too complicated!  Maybe I'll have to get into them though to get the most value out of my 50 bucks...

Thanks to Ryan's mom, Debbie, for getting me thinking about prescription coupons!  She gave us a coupon for a $10 gift card with a new/transfered prescription at Target recently:)

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