Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shoes of the brown variety

I didn't consciously try to buy all these brown shoes. It just happened that way.  I've been (apparently) collecting these for the last couple of weeks. Not only are they all brown, but they were each an even $15... with the exception of the Mary-Jane style ones which were $3.99 (thrifted). Now that I see them all together, I think I'll maybe take back the Steve Madden flats on the left-- don't want to over-do it you know;)  
From L to R-->  
Steven Madden flats, TJ Maxx, $15
American Eagle Mary-Janes with hidden wedge, thrifted, $3.99
Jessica Simpson croc-style heels (exact copy of a BCBG style my sister has), Marshall's, $15
Steven Madden boots (surprisingly comfortable!), Marshall's, $15

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