Sunday, March 22, 2009


We love to use coupons for eating out. BOGOs are our favorite (buy one get one free) :) Last week my mom and I used a BOGO at Village Inn for breakfast and coffee, mmm. Ryan and I used a BOGO at Ruby Tuesdays this weekend (steaks & salad bar for both of us= $16.04+tip). We get BOGOs for DQ Blizzards and Breada combo meals occasionally and coupons for free appetizers from Red Robin & Texas Roadhouse. You mostly just have to sign up for the e-club of every restaurant you visit! Most have something like that. I have a hotmail account that I use exclusively for signing up for restaurants and other things likely to generate a lot of spam; this system seems to work pretty well. Plus, when it's your birthday you'll get coupons for all kinds of free things! Other places we pick up out-to-eat coupons are those ads you get in the mail and the phone book (there can be some good ones in there!). My mom usually gets them out of the Sunday paper for us too, since we don't have a subscription. It's fun to try new places if you know you're getting a good deal... plus it helps alleviate the "Where do you want to go?"/"I don't know. Where do you want to go?" dilemma :) Here's a (non-definitive) list of all the places you'll have to be sure to sign up at:

Where else am I forgetting-- or what great places haven't I thought of?!

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  1. Here's another BOGO online today