Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Survey Says:

Have you joined a survey site like e-Rewards yet? They can be fun ways to make money or earn products. I just took an e-Rewards survey today that, after asking all about my hair, asked if I'd be interested in trying out a new shampoo for a couple of weeks and providing feedback. I love those kind of things! There aren't a lot of great reward options on e-Rewards, but you can earn free 'previously viewed' DVDs from Blockbuster (you pick them out) and lots of different free magazines.

Ryan has recently become an Opinion Outpost member and has quickly been racking up the dollars-- and this site pays you in cash! Only one member per household can sign up. I've also heard they are especially interested in men's opinions.

I know there are lots of other good survey sites out there... I like these two because the surveys are usually short. Anyone else have a good one?


  1. I just cashed out my acct today, i'll be getting a check for $17.90 in the mail!

  2. Since November, I'm over $80 on Opinion Outpost, and am expecting my 2nd and 3rd $25 Gamestop gift certificate with e-rewards!