Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Joy of Overages

So, remember that cereal deal I mentioned last week? Since I had forgotten to pick up a rain check for it the last time I was there and since yesterday was the last day of the sale, I stopped back in Russ's to pick up some. If you'll remember, the cereal was on sale 3 for $5, which means $1.67 if you buy just one box. My coupon was for $2/1 box. That means overages! Yea! Since I knew I was going to have a few extra cents to use up ($0.33 to be exact), I picked up around a pound of bananas (three bananas for $0.52). When I checked out at the register, my total was $0.19. The cashier seemed really surprised when she told me the total and then said, "Well, I guess that's about the cheapest breakfast you'll ever have!"

She doesn't know me, does she? ;)

Only two bananas are pictured because Ryan ate one for breakfast.

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