Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheap Pizza made cheaper

Tonight Molly & I are having Little Ceasars Pizza.  I remember the good old days when my friend Mike Leung and I would ride our bikes to Little Ceasars and get personal pan pizzas.  It was a great thing to do in the summer when you were bored.  They kinda went off the map for a while, but they're back again with more stores around the Lincoln area.

We love to take advantage of their $5.55 Hot N' Ready Pizza deal.  Now you can make that deal even sweeter with a coupon from http://lincolncoupons.com  Just do a quick search under the "pizza" category and remember to select your nearest Little Ceasars before printing the coupon.  This makes your pizza $5 plus tax, so $5.35 total.

UPDATE: Molly just got home and they have a deal on Monday's that your Hot N' Ready pizza is only $5 without the coupon.

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