Monday, May 24, 2010

80% off deal

Here's a fun deal for a date night in Lincoln!

Visit and enter your zip code. Find 9 South Char Grill and select "$25 Gift Certificate; Your Price $10". Add it to your cart and check out using the 80% coupon code "FLAG". It will cost you $2 total. After your purchase, you'll be instantly able to print a $25 gift certificate to 9 South Char Grill.

Ryan and I tried this a few weeks ago and it was really fun! Keep in mind when you visit the restaurant you will be required to purchase $35 worth of food. "Well, if we have to" we said;) We got an appetizer, Ryan got a drink, we each ordered higher-priced entrees, and we also got dessert. Wow. Our total was just about $36, so minus the $25 GC (and plus the $2 to buy the GC), we got waaaay too much food for $13.

The coupon also states that 18% gratuity will be added to the pre-discounted bill amount, although they didn't actually add it in when we visited. Still, a great night for under $20...and lots of left overs:)

There are other restaurants you can order gift certificates to as well, but each has it's own special requirements. This one seemed like the best one to me-- the code is good through May 31st.

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  1. I wonder how a single guy can take advantage of this. That's a lot of food.