Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I never knew I wanted

Last night Ryan and I went to Lowe's to return a few little things he had purchased for a project and didn't use. We wandered through the store a little and I remembered some door handles I had seen in a Tuesday Morning ad.  The ad had modern silver door handles for $9.99 which I thought was a great price-- and apparently I wasn't the only one.  I went there the day the sale started, two hours after they opened, and they had already sold out of all the silver handles.  So, I wanted to see how much door handles sell for regularly at Lowe's. And yes, that was a good deal. Apparently door handles are pretty expensive.  $30 was about the standard for hall and closet handles and handles with locks were even pricier-- many were over $100.  With the exception of the ones I found! I spotted a handful of Kwikset hall & closet satin nickel door handles ("Avalon" lever style) on clearance for $7.47 each.  Each set includes all the components you need. We snatched up six sets to updated our doors and Ryan got them all put in that night.  I think it's a subtle change that helps to make our older house seem more modern...and spending only $47.96 makes it even nicer:)

Kwikset Door handles:  Avalon Satin Nickel style
Retail price for 6:  $192.54;  my price for 6:  $47.96

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