Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Foot board as head board...hmmm

In keeping with the home-improvement theme this week, here's a great idea for a cheapie headboard. I love this idea because it's so easy, super cheap, and makes a big difference in a room! At Nebraska Furniture Mart (and I would assume other furniture places), there's a discount area in the back room where they put all the mismatched, damaged, or discontinued furniture items.  For some reason they seem to always have a lot of foot boards without any matching headboards. Obviously there aren't too many people interested in just the foot boards. I picked up a nice looking one for only $5.00 and Ryan mounted it to the wall so that it looks like a head board. It did involve making some sort of bracket thing which I can't describe very well because I don't know how it works, but you get the idea.  I actually bought two foot boards and used one as head board and one as a foot board, but I decided I liked having only the head board better. What do you think?  It doesn't get much cheaper than this:)


  1. adorable!!!!

    I tried to make Alex let me buy some $10 boards (there were 4)...but I didn't have a plan for them we didn't get them...:(

  2. Oh too bad;) Where were these $10 boards?!

  3. They were in the back, far right against the wall in Mrs B's...about 2 months ago...I didn't see them again this weekend when we were up there :(