Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unlimited Free Rt 44 drinks at Sonic

I'm a big fan of recurring deals, and here's one that I'm going to run with for a while.  Sonic is one of my favorite summertime food joints.  It's great to sit outside or in your car on a summer night and enjoy some great food and hang out.  Currently Sonic prints a survey option on the bottom of their receipts.  When you take the survey you get a free Rt 44 size drink (cherry limeade thank you).  I plan on keeping this deal rolling all thru the summer!

When my friend Tim and I go fishing we like to try and go on Tuesday's so we can do the 5 burgers for $5 deal, now i'll be adding a free RT 44 drink to it!!

I'm really glad summer is back.

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