Friday, April 17, 2009

3-2-1 Contact

First things first, does anyone remember the show 3-2-1 Contact?  It was a science type show that I just vaguely remembered as I was typing in the title.  A quick Google search turned up a few things to jog my memory, including a Wikipedia page and the video above- enjoy:)

Anyway, contacts are the subject of my post.  I just ordered a two-year supply from for both myself and Ryan.  We just had eye appointments at the Target optical inside Super Target recently and were due for some new lenses.  [Note: Target is one of the cheapest places to get a contact lense exam around here ($79); even cheaper than Wal-Mart ($80).  If you mention you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska insurance, you get 10% off regardless of whether or not you have vision coverage ($79-10%= $71.10).  Shopko is another good choice at about the $80 range as well.]  

After some rigmorale, including me trying 3 different brands of contacts, I had a prescription for contacts that were $22/box at Target.  Ryan's cost about the same.  Online these contacts cost $15.20/box with free shipping.  I figure we're saving about $133.44 by ordering online instead of in-store!  
In-store:  16 boxes of contacts @ $22/box = $352 + 7% tax = $376.64
On-line:  16 boxes of contacts @ $16/box = $256 - coupon code SAVE0227 = $243.20, no tax

Now, I just ordered them today, so we'll see how the process goes and if the savings really works...

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